9-4-23: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the one off game was canceled, so we are doing board games today at Bill’s house..

8-27-23: One shot game is off for next weekend, and I’ve only received a few emails for Goals for the characters. Generic story inbound! At least for some of you.

7-7-23: The game is on for tomorrow! Chik-Fil-A catering shall feed us!

6-27-23: We’ll be unable to meet this weekend, but there is a new story up!

6-16-23: We all gathered at my place and Azed-Pasha is pushing up daisies as a result!

6-9-23: I got bored of waiting to play and wrote out the story of the first day of the Sunfire Festival. If you want to hear about the second or third day, let me know.

6-2-23: We’ve gotten off track, we need to nail down our next play time.

5-28-23: Brunch is on for tomorrow!

5-25-23: We have Memorial Day coming up, we should grill! Who wants to step up to host for grilling and board games or maybe D&D?

5-22-23: A pinched nerve ended the board game party before it started. Sorry guys.

5-18-23: We are meeting at D’s around 2ish, Bill is bringing the board games, and D is providing food, we’ll provide drinks and snacks.

5-14-23: When inspiration hits, get it down on paper… or a word file.

5-11-23: Next session will be at D’s house on the 20th for Boardgames!

5-7-23: the adventure log is updated.

5-5-23: The day is upon us! No more poorly written stories, it’s the real deal now!

5-3-23: The game will take place at my house, from 2ish to whenever. D is buying Pizza, and we’ll see if we can get some wings in there, too. Everyone should be at 5,215 XP.

5-2-23: The game is set for this Saturday. We’re deciding where to play.

4-28-23: All stories have been sent out, check your email. Everyone gets 1000XP from their stories!

4-27-23: I wrote stories to bridge the next steps of the campaign to the whole and will be sending these out today.

Stories have been sent out, except for Geoffrey, still editing it.

4-26-23: Adventures have been written and going through editing phase now.

4-23-23: The game went off with only a few hitches, as we all became more accustomed to the AD&D rules. We reached for books more than once and got everything straightened out. D won the Trivia questions part of the game, answering 4 of 12 questions right. NO one got the Artichoke Juice question (it cures Jaundice), and Bill answered the Guenwhyvar question, but no one at the table could spell Guenwhyvar!

Adventure Log has been updated!

4-21-23: The game starts tomorrow, don’t be late, we got food, drinks, D&D and dice!


4-20-23: Smoke ‘em of you got ’em. The game is set, everyone’s characters are done, and we’ve decided on Pizza as the food of choice for gaming. The only thing left to do is to whip out the dice towers and get to rolling!

4-19-23: Ocker Pereno joins the group!

4-17-23: Clyde is in! Character development pendingnew_Character.jpg

4-16-23: And D joins the ranks as Geoffrey Dusthill!!

4-15-23: Bill Finished his character, Pipi Rumbuckle!

4-14-23: Decisions need to be made before the game can begin, and I’d like to get started next week (April 22nd). It has been almost 10 years since we first tried to play and the results were disasterous!

My overall rustiness, my unknowledge of the 5th edition rules, and my eagerness (which lead to lack of planning); these were all knocks against the game going well, and it failed. But, those days are gone! This time, I am far more prepared, my rustiness is gone and I’m comfortable enough with the 2nd edition rules to start the game in person, at my house.

We’re playing Forgotten Realms!

James has created his character and Bill has laid dibs on the magic-user.

Forgotten Realms Characters:
Pipi Rumbuckle, Gnome Wizard from Neverwinter
Throrim Broadaxe the Dwarven Fighter!
Sagrim Flickerbit, the Halfling Rogue

The Vault Of The Purple Lady awaits!

Forgotten Realms

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