New Era Campaign

The Adventure Begins!
The Village of Weatherby Moors

IT’s been 108 years since the founder of Hillsborough, Anton Bolan, made his epic quest into the Forgotten Tomb deep in the Tanglefang Forest and retrieved the Iceflame Heart. Every 4 years, members of the village choose the most able children in their coming of age ceremony to carry and empower the Iceflame Heart at the Forgotten Tomb for another 4 years.

For the ceremony, the group members have been picked to carry the Iceflame Heart to the tomb to empower it. The group will need to follow the footsteps of Anton as he made his historic march through the forest, and into the Forgotten Tomb to rescue his soon to be bride that had been kidnapped by Goblins, and to return with Esmerelda and the Iceflame Heart.

At a time when the Tanglefang Woods were filled with vicious beasts and giant spiders, Anton courageously marched forward armed with his sword, shield and conviction to be victorious. It is in his honor that the chosen men and women, upon reaching maturity, must follow in his steps to prove they are of Hillsborough, that they ask for blessings from their patron saint: Anton Bolan.


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